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My name is Maribel. I have two wonderful children and a strong faith. I am also a survivor of depression. I want to share my stories and feelings with everyone in the hopes of removing some of the stigma associated with this disease. You are not weak, you are not crazy. It is not a feeling that you can just wish would go away; it is a struggle from day to day. Some days are good, some days are great, other times everything around you seems bleak. The good news is that there is hope, and depression can be controlled. Thank you for visiting my page. I hope you will enjoy reading my thoughts. At times you will find my posts to be educational and uplifting. Other times I am sure they will be raw and personal. My hope is that you will travel this road with me as we continue to explore what is in store for us in this journey called life.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

I Love Me...Most Days

A couple of days ago my counselor asked me a most unusual question. “Does Maribel love Maribel?” he asked. I hesitated before I answered, “Most days.” That question got me to thinking: how much DO we actually love ourselves?

I am not referring to an arrogant, self-centered love. Absolutely not. What I am referring to is a genuine, self-caring attitude towards our own being. After all, if we cannot love ourselves, how are we supposed to love anyone else? Simple mathematics here, you cannot give away what you do not possess to begin with.
We are all loveable in one way or another. I suppose I love myself to some extent but the fact that I hesitated before I answered my counselor, and the fact that I did not declare a convincing “yes,” made me take a deeper look at some of the things I can be loveable for.
I have a strong character – I survived poverty, losing both parents to cancer, the loss of my marriage, and parenting two children on my own.
I am persistent – I stayed in college for 8 years all the while working full-time because I was not going to give up on my dream of attaining my Bachelor’s Degree.
I am resourceful – I grew up poor and therefore know how to survive with very little. God provides all of my necessities, anything extra I consider a luxury.
I am funny – not only do I love to laugh, I love to play pranks too. J
And I have a comforting presence – I am very good at helping others remain calm in the midst of chaos.
Before you go to bed tonight I challenge you to make a list of 5 things that make you a loveable person. I am sure there are much more than 5, so by all means write them down too. Can’t think of at least 5 things? Then you, my friend, need to start loving yourself. The more you do, the longer that list will become.


  1. YA made me think, but, I have a Servant nature, I'm a Giving Person, I'm Caring, I'm Humorus, I'm Unselfish, I'm Loving, I'm Patient, I'm Understanding, I'm Truthful, and I am totally at peace with myself because I can do no more than God gives me strength to do and the necessary tools to work with. Maribel, Thanks for the challenge and GOD BLESS YOU!! :) :)

  2. Well of course you are loveable Bill! You didn't have any problems listing 10 things, and I can attest to your giving nature with all the chocolate you have given me over the years. :) God bless you too!