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My name is Maribel. I have two wonderful children and a strong faith. I am also a survivor of depression. I want to share my stories and feelings with everyone in the hopes of removing some of the stigma associated with this disease. You are not weak, you are not crazy. It is not a feeling that you can just wish would go away; it is a struggle from day to day. Some days are good, some days are great, other times everything around you seems bleak. The good news is that there is hope, and depression can be controlled. Thank you for visiting my page. I hope you will enjoy reading my thoughts. At times you will find my posts to be educational and uplifting. Other times I am sure they will be raw and personal. My hope is that you will travel this road with me as we continue to explore what is in store for us in this journey called life.

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Looking Good

Yesterday someone said I looked good. Today someone else said I looked healthy. I did not agree. “But I’ve gained ten pounds!” I uttered. Then it dawned on me…I am healthier. I am emotionally healthier.

Sad thoughts are few and far between these days. My mind is clearer. I find myself smiling more often, singing along to my favorite songs, and acting goofy. And most importantly, I look forward to the future, with hope.

Life is all about climbing the peaks and resting at the valleys, and I hope I have been able to encourage you in some way. You’ve shared in my journey and have been able to see how depression has affected me. There are many, many things I have not shared on here but believe me when I tell you it is a miracle that I have not given up on life. I know depression well enough to know that it will try to make a re-appearance. But I also know my God well enough to know that He will still be there to sustain me. I know because He promised (Isaiah 46:4).

So keep your head up, even when the burden is heavy. It will get lighter. After all, a certain amount of darkness is necessary to see the stars.

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